Development of a mobile application could end up in big spending, if it is not done right at beginning.
This could easily happen if done without proper research prior to the development.
There are some steps need to be completed in order – research, design, prototyping, development, deployment.
All this steps require specific knowledge in platforms and frameworks, design and development tools.
RnD Mobile team offers to help on all steps with all our intensive experience and expertise in building modern software systems.
While prototyping, we will do a review of the idea and its workflows.
Then we bring in recommendations for the application's architecture, the UI and server APIs, a development platform.
We will analyze projected user behavior, data flows and their potential weak points.
At the end we make for you the application's skeleton and prototypes screens, so you can present your idea to potential customers or investors.
And when you ready to invest more to complete next steps, your time and money on the prototyping are not lost.
Because you own not just a mockup or a slideshow presentation - you have in your hands the real application to continue the development with.


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